Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wood Blocks Tutorial- Easter Edition

Due to the popularity of my wood blocks for Valentine's and St. Patty's Day, I decided to make a step by step tutorial, with pictures, for how I make my wood block letters. If you have a cricut this project will be easier, but since I don't have one, I have come up with another way to make them.

In order to make this, you will need:
-1: 2x4 piece of wood
-scrapbook paper
-mod podge
-spray paint
-hot glue

1. Cutting: The first step is to cut your 2x4 into 6 pieces. I like mine to have varying heights, so I cut 3-6inch pieces, 2-7inch pieces, and an 8 inch piece.

2. Painting: The next step is to spray paint the wood to give it a cleaner look. If you like the look of the wood, you could skip this part, or choose to use a light coat of paint.

3. Choosing your Letters: While the paint is drying, you may begin finding a font for your letters. Once you have selected a font and sized it to your blocks appropriately, you may print them off and begin cutting them out.

4. Tracing your Letters: When all of your letters are cut out, begin tracing them onto a piece of white cardstock. I chose to trace my letters backwards so there are no lines on the front of them when they are on the wood blocks. Once they are traced, cut them out.

5. Sizing your Paper: When the paint has dried, trace out each block onto a different paper design and cut them out, You may decide you want them to be a little small than the block, so just trim each side a little bit until you have your desired sizes.

6. Decisions: Decide on the placing of each paper pattern and letter before you start using the mod podge.

7. Mod Podge: Now the fun begins. Apply a small amount of mod podge onto a piece of wood, then place the proper paper pattern on top. If you use too much mod podge, you will get bubbles in your paper, so be careful. 

8. Continue with the Mod Podge: Next, put a layer of mod podge on top of the paper pattern, lay down the letter, and mod podge again. Let dry.

9. Add Ribbon: Cut two pieces of ribbon for each block. I measure the height of the block and add another foot to tie the bow. Hot glue a ribbon to each side of the wood block. Then, add a little glue to the top of the block and adhere both sides. Tie in a bow.

10. Display your letters in your home.

Happy Crafting!
Love, Melanie

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